NCAA Compliance


The members of the Blue Line Club Board of Trustees recently received some training on compliance with NCAA Rules and Regulations. In doing so, the Board of Trustees recognized the need to also make sure people now or previously associated with the Blue Line Club need to understand what they can and cannot do in interaction and relationships with current and potential student-athletes.

As a fan, alum, friend, donor, ticket holder and/or supporter of Miami University Athletics, you are defined as a representative of athletics interest (booster).  

As a booster of the institution, the athletic department needs your help to protect the eligibility of our student-athletes and uphold our values of love and honor.
You need to review the attached PDF document so you understand what is permissible and what is not. You do not want to accidentally cause a student athlete to be declared ineligible or for Miami to incur penalties for a violation because of something you did. So please take the time to review the PDF. You may also review a copy of this document at the Blue Line Club booth on the East concourse of The Goggin and Steve Cady Arena.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lisa Miller (cc on this e-mail) by e-mail or phone – 513.529.6627
Thank you for assistance.
Love and Honor
Tom Siehl,
Miami Blue Line Club

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